I confess that when I saw the top of a comment from JC regarding the Vinyl Villain blog yesterday, I feared that Jim was finally chucking the blog.

So it was with a mixture of disgust and delight that I read the full comment. Disgust that the old Vinyl Villain blog had been forcibly removed by Blogger but delight that, rather than jack it all in, JC had relocated and restarted the blog here:

The loss of such a vast archive of writing (2,500 plus posts) must have hurt but today’s news suggests that much, if not all, of the blog has been archived and some of it at least will reappear over time.

The worth that his many viewers have placed on TVV has been reflected over the last couple of days even here with searches for the Vinyl Villain prominent on the stats pages.

So I can’t believe that there are many on here who didn’t know of the original incarnation of TVV but, if you didn’t, then do yourself a favour and check out the new one.

Long live the (New) Vinyl Villain!