It Could Only Be Better If It Was Longer – Cancel The Astronauts single launch


Cancel The Astronauts / Shooting Stansfield – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – Friday 2nd August 2013

Friday’s launch for Cancel The Astronauts’ new single ‘While I Was Sleeping’ turned out to be a typically euphoric show which was rather unexpectedly tinged with sadness.

The former came from a performance that proves that CTA are still improving as a live act – and readers of these pages will have gleaned the fact that I think that they’ve been a very fine proposition indeed for quite some time.

It’s been fascinating over the last few months watching the audiences get ever more involved in the sets and on Friday there were two massive sing-alongs – the “Over in a heartbeat’ hook in the middle of ‘Intervention’   and the a capella finale to ‘I Sold My Soul’. It’s times like these when you wonder why these guys aren’t massive.

The single itself was one of the show’s many highlights and, to me at least, it seems the song most likely to take them onto a new audience. Hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more of the tune in the coming weeks.

The fact that there were only two bands playing allowed the band to play a longer than normal set. Career spanning, it ranged from old favourites from the first two E.P.s  (including welcome outings for ‘Fanclub’ and ‘Funny for a Girl’) through the LP up to a new song ‘Be Fast’ which sounded like it maintains the usual high standards. But even that wasn’t enough for the audience as they were forced into playing an unrehearsed ‘Expo’ – so unrehearsed that Matt forgot the words halfway through!

Cancel The Astronauts played:

1. Animal Love Match  2. Funny for a Girl  3. I Am The President of Your Fanclub (And Last Night I Followed You Home) 4. She Said She Loves Somebody Else  5. Love Backwards  6. Seven Vices  7. Be Fast  8. Intervention  9. Making Dynamite  10. Promises of Strangers  11. While I Was Sleeping  12. I Sold My Soul (And This Is All I Got)


13. Let’s Go Expo


Michael Rocketship

The sadness came from the fact that it was Michael Rocketship’s last show with the band. Having known them as a group over the last few years, it’s weird to think that one of them won’t be there in future, even more so given that Michael was the first Astro to talk to me. But hopefully the audience love he received at the end of the show will stick with him for a very long time.


Shooting Stansfield

Shooting Stansfield had opened the show with an enjoyable set. Shorn of their bass player for the evening they delivered a semi-acoustic set which perhaps emphasised their kinship with ‘Winter of Mixed Drinks’ era Frabbit. Their debut LP ‘We Know Not What We Do’ is available now.

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