Got a pile of LPs to get to grips with, with a view to a review. So which first? I dunno. So let’s do a single instead.

Naked are a trio who all met for the first time on the remote Danish island of Bornholm. Or are all members of Edinburgh School for the Deaf. Or maybe they’re both – neither of these things are necessarily mutually exclusive.

Mind you it’s fairly obvious why the ESFtD connection isn’t being trumpeted – because the debut Naked single has little in common with the Edinburgh noiseniks.

On the contrary, lead track ‘Lie Follows Lie’ (released recently on Song, By Toad) is a premium slice of dream pop managing to recall both the 80s and 90s. Built around a haunting chorus, it’s more reminiscent of the likes of the Cocteau Twins than the Mary Chain or Sonic Youth.

B-side ‘In Heaven’ meanwhile is just as good and recalls the not very indie Propaganda – particularly in the musical kick behind the chorus.

So, if you must, then use the ESFTD connection to discover this band. But Naked undoubtedly deserve to be heard in their own right and ‘Lie Follows Lie’ is an excellent debut.

Here’s the video:

Naked play Broadcast in Glasgow this Saturday (10th August) and the Cool Cat Club at Beat Generator Live in Dundee on Saturday 7th September supporting Vladimir along with King Louie and KillingFloor.