I Wish It Was Summer – Deathcats live


Deathcats / Et Tu Brute?? / Wozniak / Hookers for Jesus – The Cool Cat Club, Beat Generator Live!, Dundee – 16th August 2013

Yet again MPK2’s cricketing commitments impact on my rock’n’roll availability but unlike last Friday, this week I did get out.

For the second time in a row I miss a fair chunk of Hookers for Jesus, slightly galling since they played a couple of new tunes. I do hear some of the second one (“the fast one”) from downstairs when I’m parking the car. It sounds NOTHING like Hookers for Jesus. By the time I get in, ‘Broken People’ and ‘Cabaret Song’ sound fine but perhaps lacking in a little guitar volume.

Wozniazk were my main motivation for crossing the Tay and they were very fine indeed. The set was on similar (if not identical) lines to the debut gig, if a little quieter with every tune bar one an instrumental.



Although the band were a little disappointed at the lack of volume, it didn’t affect my enjoyment in anyway. We got both sides of the debut single along with several other songs, mostly shoegazey/rocky. But “Echoes”(?) may be my favourite albeit that it’s definitely at somewhat of a tangent to the rest of the set, featuring keys and one hell of a groove. Definitely a band on the rise.


I didn’t have high expectations for Et Tu Brute?? since I was lukewarm about their debut appearance at the CCC several months ago. And these expectations would have been even lower if I’d know that they weren’t going to play what I thought was the stand-out track last time around.

Yet unexpectedly I enjoy them. Familiarity with much of the material helps but the ‘new’ tunes from last time add a greater range to the set than previously.

Deathcats turn out to be far poppier than I’d expected. In the main they’ve got good tunes delivered with some panache. But towards the end they stretch out the penultimate number (which may have been called ‘Danny Dyer’) to great effect. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing them again.

Here’s the last tune from their set, filmed by Daisy Dundee: