Traversing the Metropol Hotel – Book Festival


So that’s August in Edinburgh 2013 finally over and done with.

As ever it’s been a frantic few weeks of gigs, Fringe shows and Book Festival events.

We’ve done comparatively little of the last this year – just three events. And although I enjoyed the shows we saw I confess I didn’t feel quite so connected to the Book Festival this year. In fact that was the case right from the release of the disapopinting programme.

The best two events were the Vic Galloway ‘Songs In The Key of Fife’ launch last week and Sunday night’s Iain Banks celebration.

Vic’s hour was thoroughly engaging. I learnt a lot about Fence that night and subsequently bought and enjoyed the book. (More on that at some other point). Unfortunately the event in the Jura Unbound tent on Sunday clashed with the Banks celebration and thanks to @MrsMPT ‘s internet queuing skills, we were in attendance at the latter.

It turned out to be pretty special. Ken MacLeod, Val McDermid and Ian Rankin talked with real feeling about their friend and Valerie Edmond’s readings (from ‘The Bridge’ and ‘The Quarry’) were also a highlight.

There was even an unexpected guest appearance from Neil Gaiman who apparently abandoned a book signing queue to tell a quick story about Iain Banks “pre-eminent SF writer not cat burglar, honest, officer” which really summed up what a warm and funny occasion it was. Albeit in dreadfully sad circumstances.

Whilst I doubt next year will produce such a poignant event, I’m certainly hoping that there will be a greater range of interesting events than 2013 produced.


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  1. alexcmcglenn says:

    Nice! I wish there were some sweet book festivals on my tiny island.

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