In lieu of something a little more substantive, here’s a reminder of Desert Hearts fine “Enturbulation = No Challenge” LP via a video for new single ‘Heavy Hangs The Head” which is out on Monday (2nd September).

If anything, my regard for E=NC has increased since I wrote about it here. It’s not really revealed any new facets to me since then – it’s just that it’s one of those records that seems to sound a little bit better each and every time I play it.

To promote the LP the new single is out on Monday (video above) and it’s got an exclusive non LP B-side ‘Just to Say’ which you can hear here.

So  – if you like the video I can heartily recommend both the album and the single – both coming out on No Dancing Records.

A great band – let’s hope they make it back to Scotland before too long.

Another LP review from the backlog coming in the next couple of days.