Paranormal Readings By Phone – Randolph’s Leap E.P.


The full band Randolph’s Leap experience hasn’t made it to record too often so far but their new EP ‘Real Anymore’ (out on Olive Grove Records) is a welcome expansion of the repertoire.

However although stretching to 7 tracks, ‘Real Anymore’ isn’t solely dedicated to the full band but rather demonstrates the full range of the Leap experience, mixing up full band tracks with more lo-fi solo recordings.

The wild energy of the full 16 legged line-up is brought to bear on the title track, penultimate song ‘Technology’ and the lounge pop of ‘Indie King’ but the brass also gets a more muted, melancholic run-out on the coda to ‘Winceworthy’. ‘By contrast the record is opened by ‘Conversation’ which is just Adam on guitar complete with authentic tape hiss,

It’s fair to say that the band’s strengths – great tunes and witty lyrics are on display here.

As ever the songs are replete with hooks, the exuberant ‘Real Anymore itself emphasising this by putting all the verses up front before the chorus kicks in on repeat. ‘Indie King’ meanwhile boasts one of these mass singalong chants that the band seem to revel in.

If Adam’s wordplay is deployed to humorous effect on here (with unlikely rhyming celebrities Derek Acorah and Michel Gondret making appearances), it’s not just all an absurdist stream of consciousness (or self deprecating wit).

‘Psychic’ in fact is actually nothing less than a social commentary on low wage Britain envisaging a scenario where to make a decent living people have to pose as fake fortune tellers.

Lyrically though ‘Nature’ deserves a special mention. Not only does it hilariously feature one of the worst alleged rhymes in the history of songwriting, it also provides a rare example of Carry On humour in Scottish independent music.

I seem to find it impossible to write about the Leap without using the word ‘joyous’ and I’m going to stick with that this time. Simply put they’re a band that never fail to make me smile and ‘Real Anymore’ is no exception.

The  E.P. is a trailer for the band’s full length studio debut LP due on the new Lost Map label in the not too distant future (later this year?). In the meantime ‘Real Anymore will do nicely.

Randolph’s Leap launch the  E.P. on Friday (6th September) at the Glad Café in Glasgow. You may have to battle Scotland vs Belgium traffic to get there but at least if you go to the gig rather than the football you’re guaranteed a good time!

Support comes from David MacGregor (Kid Canaveral – solo) and St Kilda Mailboat.

The title track is available as a free download here.