Manic Pop Stills – Wheat From the Chaff #1


Randolph’s Leap – Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy – 25th January 2013

Thought I might occasionally pick out some of my favourite shots from gigs and run them in a series.

They won’t (necessarily) be technically great shots, but hopefully interesting. I didn’t really expect many opportunities at a 2 piece Randolph’s Leap acoustic set so the above shot was something of an unexpected gem!


Edinburgh School for the Deaf – Grassmarket, Edinburgh – 1st May 2011

Next a rare daytime photo of those nocturnal beasts known as Edinburgh School for the Deaf with an action pic of much missed guitarist Kieran at the Grassmarket Festival in May 2001. Another highlight of this set was the appearance of Mark E Smith in front of the stage! (Full set here)


The Bad Books – Limbo, The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh – 6th December 2012

And finally the ever photogenic Bad Books (now Book Group of course). You’re always going to get something interesting from Graeme and this show also had the bonus of decent lighting at the Voodoo Rooms which even the old camera appreciated. (Full set here)