Into Darkness – FOUND / Kid Canaveral live



FOUND / Kid Canaveral – Cupar Arts Festival, Elmwood College, Cupar – Saturday 5th October 2013

““Two men of slight build – standing behind machines – with slow, pulsing lights – krauty beats – deep, gnarly synth sounds.” That’s what Ziggy told MPT the other week to expect from FOUND’S headline slot at the Cupar Arts Festival last night.

And that’s what we got, albeit featuring a distinctly un-Krautrock-ian mouth organ on several songs.

But unlike the avant garde set at Retreat! a couple of years back the new synth heavy FOUND set is much more structured, whether it be around more conventional songs or danceable rhythmic excursions.

For the avoidance of doubt, there’s no guitars and as a consequence there’s no previous FOUND material. Instead of the indie guitars of ‘factorycraft’, FOUND seem headed in a direction beyond the electronica of the ‘Fidelities’ E.P.

Despite the unfamiliarity of much of the material it’s an enjoyable set. There’s a couple of familiar tunes from the recent Lomond Campbell E.P. ‘Yesterday’s You & Me’ in its entirety whilst another song is based around the second half of ‘Kiss The Button’ from the same record.

It’s hardly a surprise that once again FOUND are striking out in a different direction. But on the evidence of last night it’s going to be a journey worth tracking.

FOUND played:

Other than what’s mentioned above,, I really have no idea!


Kid Canaveral

The show had been opened not by Kid Canaveral but actually a pianist who was on stage when we arrived. It was all a bit odd but fortunately it wasn’t too long before the Canaverals hit the stage. In the end they actually played longer than FOUND even if the set was missing several excellent tracks from the 2nd LP.

Most of the audience remained seated in the back half of hall which prompted David to initially reckon being on stage was a bit like being at the bingo. And the restrained atmosphere wasn’t helped by the rather polite sound early on with the guitars seemingly turned right down.

But the Canaverals are more than capable of warming up an empty room and things gradually got more and more boisterous as the set proceeded. So, by the now traditional set closer ‘A Compromise’, they were up to full speed.

It’s the umpteenth time I’ve seen the band play and I wasn’t really expecting any departures. But in fact there was one as long term set staple ‘Her Hair Hangs Down’ has been given an electronic makeover.

So, all in all, last night was a cracking way to start the Festival’s music programme. It’s just a pity that there weren’t more folk there to see it.

Kid Canaveral played:

1. Who Would Want To Be Loved  2. Good Morning  3. Without A Backing Track  4. Who’s Looking At You Anyway  5. Skeletons  6. Couldn’t Dance  7. Her Hair Hangs Down  8. Low Winter Sun  9. You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night  10. And Another Thing!!  11. A Compromise

May try to catch the Strangers’ Almanack show in midweek but we’re definitely down for the Withered Hand and Jo Foster on Friday evening.