Video to Buffer #2 – John Knox Sex Club from Gerry Loves split single

Finally caught up with the new Gerry Loves Records split single released a few weeks back featuring John Knox Sex Club and Over The Wall.

I was impressed enough by both tracks to buy the 7″. The JKSC video is up there, whilst the Over The Wall song is actually really poppy. As ever with the Gerry Loves stuff I can wholeheartedly recommend this. And buying the vinyl gets you a bonus track from each artist.

Because of my tardiness, the Edinburgh single launch (part of the Pleasance Sessions) has already passed but the Glasgow launch is on Friday at Stereo with the wonderful Book Group opening the show.

I think there’s another GLR release pending and I have a sneaky suspicion it may be a release that will excite me even more than usual. Although I could be completely wrong!