Video to Buffer #3 – The Spook School

This is in danger of becoming a proper series …

But in lieu of hopefully returning to some semblance of normality next week, here’s a look at  the video for ‘I’ll Be Honest’ the new single from the Spook School.

I saw them for the first and so far only time last June on a sweltering evening at the Wee Red Bar.

They made a good enough impression  for me to get their recently released  debut LP ‘Dress Up’. Although I’ve only listened to it a handful of times so far, it already feels like an old friend. The Shop Assistants are a much quoted reference point but I hear just as much of the Rezillos (albeit without the kitsch Sci-Fi B-movie influences).

What you get with the record is nothing more, but certainly nothing less, than excellent crunchy guitar pop with memorable tunes. The album undoubtedly has bags of energy but it doesn’t neglect their more subtle side.

In a year that seems brimful of fun Scottish albums ‘Dress Up’ is another of that ilk. Which isn’t in any way intended to be anything other than a compliment because it’s well worth your time.