Been meaning to get round to mentioning the new songs by the Won Over for a few weeks now but since the tunes have just received an official digital release now is probably as apposite a time as any other.

Like the original songs, released last year, ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Open Arms’ have been described as demos but they sound fairly fully formed to me. In particular the prominence of the piano on both songs adds a depth to the recordings.

Of the two songs ‘Happy Birthday’ is the keeper for me. At nearly seven minutes long it’s something of an epic particularly the last couple of minutes when the guitars kick high into the stratosphere. Otherwise it’s everything you might expect of a collision between the Twilight Sad and the National.

The National influence is probably even stronger on the flip side ‘Open Arms’. Much more mid paced with the piano the lead instrument and the guitars offering colouring, it’s probably slightly too straightforward for my tastes. There’s nothing wrong with the song but I definitely prefer the more adventurous ‘Happy Birthday’, which you can hear below:

Still not managed to see them play, yet. Hopefully before too long …

‘Happy Birthday’/’Open Arms’ is available through the usual digital outlets (which surely means that it’s officially a single).