Tell Me Things to Make Me Feel Better – The Mirror Trap single/video


Once upon a time I saw a band called Descartes at Fat Sam’s (although I didn’t realise it at the time!) The sound was truly awful but there was definitely a band under there. Descartes though called it a day not long afterwards and some members regrouped under the name the Mirror Trap. Whom I never saw live until in April this year.

Fair to say I was impressed, so much so that I bought their previous EP ‘The Visible Hand’ which was … OK. Certainly it’s not bad but, for whatever reason, it didn’t jump out at me the way the live show had done.

But their new single ‘American Dreams’ is unquestionably the same band I saw live.  Clocking in at a little over two minutes , it’s a massive,  energetic rock song which starts with a filthy, staccato guitar riff.  A brutally economical monster of a song, it doesn’t waste a single note yet captures exactly what I saw in the band live.

Here’s the video:

I confess that I’m not quite so keen on the B-side ‘Bell Street’. After a promising verse, the chorus takes the song into the sort of epic, commercial rock territory you’ll rarely see in these parts, partly because it’s the sort of thing that can attract wider attention.

Which the band may actually take as a vote of confidence. Because on the evidence of this single the Mirror Trap are a band that has grown up and the big league may just beckon …

‘American Dreams’/’Bell Street’ is released on Monday 18th November. To promote the single, the Mirror Trap are playing the following dates:

Friday 8th November – O2 Academy, Leeds (supporting Placebo)

Saturday 9th – Nottingham House, Sheffield

Friday 22nd – Non-Zeros, Dundee

Friday 29th – Pivo, Pivo, Glasgow

Here’s a cracking interview that the band did last week with is this music?