The Blue Aeroplanes, it seems, are indestructible.

I’d lost track of them after the ‘Altitude’ LP and only discovered, via a Skinny listing, that not only are they still going but that there’s a further LP ‘Anti-Gravity’ released two years ago. And that December sees a ‘Singles’ tour which includes a Glasgow date at Broadcast on the 4th.

On a couple of listens ‘Anti-Gravity’ sounds like another Blue Aeroplanes with all the strengths and weaknesses that that entails. Personally I think it’s unquestionably a good thing and we’ll be doing our best to get through to the Glasgow show, even if it’s only a matter of weeks since I swore off midweek trips to late gigs in Glasgow!

The video up the top is for ’25 Kinds of Love’ taken from ‘Anti-Gravity’ whilst a couple of older tracks which will presumably feature in the upcoming shows are highlighted below:

Can’t find any ad free version of this next one so you’ll have to skip the pop shite first …