Euros Childs

Euros Childs / The Wellgreen / Panda Su – The Cool Cat Club, Beat Generator Live, Dundee – Wednesday 20th November 2013

In a week in which I could have been out at gigs every night, I’ll confess that this Cool Cat Club show won the vote simply because of convenience. But as it turned out, it’s never a bad idea to stretch your horizons.

First up was the only act I’d seen before. The ‘Maps’ single and supporting gig in Dundee suggested that Panda Su was very much headed in the chilled out electronica direction and last night confirmed that.

That night at Clark’s felt a little uneven in places but this performance suggested that she and Adam are much more settled in what they’re doing. It’s still very sparse, with only new song ‘Collisions’ building any sort of head of steam, but it’s all still rather lovely.


Panda Su

Next up were the Wellgreen who were also playing in Euros’s backing band later. Two voices, an acoustic guitar and a snare drum isn’t the sort of line-up to fill me with any great anticipation. So I was pleasantly surprised how engaging the songs turned out to be particularly ‘Summer Rain’ and closing tune ‘Red Light’. Certainly there’s a strong 60s influence here but the stripped back nature of the tunes lends some of the tunes a charming 50s naiveté.


The Wellgreen

The fact that I first consciously heard a tune involving Euros Childs only on Monday evening on Vic Galloway’s show illustrates the sort of huge gaps that still exist in my musical knowledge. Which, as usual, is to my disadvantage.

I thoroughly enjoyed Euros’s brand of jaunty pop (surely any upbeat songs with piano as the lead instrument have to be described as jaunty?). But actually when he slowed things down, he added an extra depth to the evening and these were amongst my favourites.

I confess that I did leave slightly before the end but that wasn’t because I wasn’t enjoying myself rather that maybe I’m finally getting a little sensible in my old age. But I’ll definitely be interested in checking out some of his back catalogue.

So, all in all, another great Cool Cat Club show with the added benefit of a broadening of my horizons.