They’ll hate me for saying this, but the Wildhouse should be declared as some as sort of national treasure. Wilful and perverse they may be but they retain the capacity to be utterly magnificent when they’re so minded. Ahead of a rare live outing supporting the June Brides at the Cool Cat Club on Friday, Paul (vocals/guitar), Sheila (vocals/drums), Peet (guitar – like that covers it!) and Mark (bodyguard/honorary fourth member) talk to MPT.

How are you guys?

Paul: All told we are fine.

Peet: Very well, thanks. Paul and I have recently discovered Adventure Time which is great. Sheila is a bit disappointed that Dundee are second in the Scottish Championship, only 6 points behind Hamilton though!  (MPT: only 3 now!)

Sheila: None of your business.

Mark: I have a bad back.

You’ve recorded two excellent LPs in the last 2-3 years Jackson 56 and SOLANIS. Have they ever been properly released? If not, why not?

Paul: No, they have not and because nobody cared enough.

Peet: We are really happy with both records, SOLANIS in particular. In a traditional sense they haven’t been released properly but there isn’t any particular reason for this, laziness mostly. It’s the same as the Metal Rabies album DUC that only a few people have heard, we just don’t give a shit!

Sheila: Don’t know, don’t care.

Mark: No, because we are lazy.

What are your plans for future recording?

Peet: None at the moment, possibly finish our acoustic album as The Kafkas but that’s a project that’s been on the go for a few years.

Sheila: Don’t know, don’t care.

Mark: A Sandinesta style triple album except it will be good.

Paul: Probably an e.p. early next year.

Dundee – City of Culture candidate. What did you think about that?

Peet: I suppose it could only have been a good thing for the city, although in terms of the Dundee music scene it wouldn’t have benefited The Wildhouse or any other bands involved in the “DIY scene” at all. Would the Rusty Hip Collective, the Make That A Take guys etc. really benefit from Ricky Ross from Deacon Blue curating three weeks of music and dance? I really don’t think so and to me they are the people who deserved to benefit from the candidacy.

Paul: Such things are invariably something of a scam with the usual suspects creaming off the dough for their own pet projects, but I accept that, if the bid for City of Culture had been successful, there may have been some minor positive impact on my life.

Sheila: Couldn’t care less.

Mark: Don’t give a stuff about the City of Culture.

Where do the Wildhouse fit in in 2013?

Paul: We don’t, but in 2014 we will fit in like a hand into a glove of the correct size for the hand being fitted into it.

Peet: We don’t, simple as! We’re happy doing what we’re doing, so it doesn’t matter whether or not we fit in or not.

Sheila: Don’t know, don’t care.

Mark: The Wildhouse would fit nicely on The Ed Sullivan Show. I have his email address.

If you were asked to curate a stage at a festival and could put on anyone, dead or alive, who would you book?

Paul: I don’t really like festivals although when I was a kid I saw Bad Manners at a festival and they were great, what with the ‘Lip Up Fatty’ and ‘Lorraine’ and all.  The Rollercoaster thing with MBV, Dinosaur Jr and the Jesus and Mary Chain was pretty good although it would have been improved by Damon Albarn being shot in the face and Blur being replaced by Sonic Youth.  So; Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Bad Manners as the headline act.

Sheila: Charlatans, Screaming Trees, Doors, Byrds and Buzzcocks.

Mark: The Byrds during the Sweetheart period, Joy Division and Elvis. Maybe The Jesus and Mary Chain with Bobby on drums with a 20 noise set. Yeah, that would be great.

Not fuckin Bad Manners though

Peet: Not an easy question this! LOOP, Beat Happening, Acid Mothers Temple and AMON DUUL II would be great. Oasis if they were dead, would be nice too!

 The Wildhouse play the Cool Cat Club at Beat Generator Live! on Friday 29th November with the June Brides and the Hugs. More info here.