New Portsound Pre-Christmas Merriment with St Kilda Mailboat, Sonny Carntyne and Layla Brown – Rio Community Centre, Newport-on-Tay – Saturday 7th December 2013

On Saturday night three of the MP Family headed northwards for our musical entertainment from a diverse range of acts courtesy of New Portsound. There was a decent turnout which was to prove both a blessing (to give the performers someone to perform to) but also something of a curse – at least as the evening wore on.

First off was soprano Layla Brown who offered a mix of opera and folk tunes acapella to a respectful audience. Well outwith the blog’s remit but the girl can certainly sing.


Next up were Sonny Carntyne who offered a fairly sad take on pre-Christmas merriment! Thing is they’re getting pretty darn good and were quite magnificent at times, particularly in the louder parts of the set. But with much of the set drawn from the quieter side of their repertoire they ended up competing with a disappointing amount of chatter from the floor. The PA was also on the quiet side which didn’t help but I definitely want to see them again in more favourable circumstances.


Sadly the zany St Kilda Mailboat also struggled a little against an increasingly alcohol fuelled audience with the added drawback of not having a five piece band to crank up the volume. Many of the words got lost towards the end of the set in the general hubbub and the lack of volume with the PA didn’t help either. Don’t get me wrong, they were still good fun but lacked the impact that they’d made at the Glad Café in September.

I’m conscious that I’m very much judging the evening purely on the music and that everyone (else) there probably enjoyed a great party. Despite the drawbacks though, we all enjoyed the evening and will be interested to see what future New PortSound events might bring.