2013 According to … Jan Burnett


Jan performing on the Vic Galloway show

Slightly later than normal, MPT retreads its steps over the course of the last 12 months by asking some of the year’s interviewees to look back on their 2013.

First up is a man who released not one but two excellent albums this year ‘Our Jazz’ with Spare Snare and ‘Second’ with the Grand Gestures. Step to the mic, please, Mr Jan Burnett of Spare Snare and the Grand Gestures:

Your Own Music

Your own musical highlight of the year?

Getting two albums out and sorting Bandcamp.

Favourite performance of the year?

No live shows, but we did do Vic Galloway’s BBC radio show, which was rather wonderful.

What’s the one thing that went wrong in 2013 you’d like to fix?

Music wise, nothing.

What you gonna be doing next year?

Live show in Glasgow, 9th Feb.  Recording the third Grand Gestures album.  Not sure it will be out in 2014 though.

Others’ Music

3 songs or LPs you’ve listened to the most in 2013?

Pet Shop Boys – Vocal

Haim – Days are Gone album.

The Reflektors

Best gig attended?

I don’t often go to shows, but I did have a spurt late 2013.  Depeche Mode – The Hydro, first time I’ve seen them since the 101 tour at Edinburgh Playhouse.

Biggest surprise of 2013?

Pop – I have a seven year old, and pop has turned to a positive again.

Biggest letdown of 2013?

Fence dissolving.

Who should we be looking out for in 2014?

Am I allowed to say a very surprising guest for the next Grand Gestures album?

If not, I can’t wait to see what James Murphy releases next.

Anything and Everything

Event of 2013

Bowie not being dead.

Hero of 2013


Lowpoint of 2013

Funeral of Brian Hayes, someone I first recorded music with when I was in my teens.

Villain of 2013

Despicable Conservatives

Favourite book of 2013

The Morrissey autobiography.  I like the way it’s written like his lyrics, rather wordy and descriptive.

Favourite film of 2013

Doing the daddy thing, all I see is kid related films at the cinema.  The One Direction biog was actually great, very well edited and smart.  I’m getting it on DVD.

Something to look forward to in 2014?

Hopefully getting involved in a catalogue re-release or two, though these things take forever to sort.

There’s a rare the Grand Gestures show at the CCA in Glasgow on Sunday 9th February. Tickets and more info here.

One of the songs from ‘Second’ gets the video treatment:

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