The June Brides Live 3s

Fresh from their recent Scottish tour Phil Wilson of The June Brides looks back on his musical 2013.

Your Own Music

Your own musical highlight of the year?

Getting to play in Scotland again after 25 years away! The best of those being Glasgow – so many happy faces, and so many friends not seen in years…

Favourite performance of the year?

Playing the release party for the Scared to get Happy Box Set. So many great bands played that night. And us.

What you gonna be doing next year?

A new single, definitely. A new album? Possibly…

Others’ Music

3 songs or LPs you’ve listened to the most in 2013?

Newer stuff –  New Sacral by Factory Star and “Grave Goods” by I AM Ampersand (both released in 2012, I think!). My favourite “Old” discovery was probably “Reflections in a Crystal Wind” by Richard and Mimi Farina.

Best gig attended?

Scared to Get Happy in London: Wolfhounds, Factory Star, Yeah Yeah Noh, The Primitives, etc…

Who should we be looking out for in 2014?

Anything released on Box Bedroom Rebels Records – fantastic, old school indie releases. And a Granite Shore album at last!