This time of year can go one of two ways. Either I get the chance to catch up with some of the stuff purchased later in the previous year – or I get swamped by a glut of new stuff.

So far 2014 looks like it’s going to be one of the quieter starts to a year for a while so my most played song of the couple of  weeks isn’t a new tune at all. On the contrary,  it’s an old tune, (in fact a VERY old tune) which I’ve only recently acquired on the basis that you can rarely have too much Blue Aeroplanes in your life.

The spark for re-engagement, of course, was their brilliant Glasgow gig last month and, as well as their more recent LP ‘Anti-Gravity’ (which I now feel I did a disservice to here – weaknesses?, pah!), I’ve caught up on a couple of their live LPs in the last few weeks.

The big attraction from the ‘Skyscrapers’ set was finally owning a version of their cover of the Television/Tom Verlaine song ‘Breaking In My Heart’, the riotous finale to many an Aeroplanes gig. And it’s the song that’s been played the most in my earshot in the last couple of weeks, although I should stress that the rest of the album is pretty bloody fine, particularly a grinding ‘Bury Your Love Like Treasure’ and an epic ‘Police (38 Divinity)’.

So for your delectation here’s not one but 2 versions of ‘Breaking In My Heart’ – the first an official release from the ‘Up In A Down World’  12”, and the second a more recent audience video of the song:

Play LOUD!

More current sounds up next.