In which MPT finally arrives in 2014.

It’s fair to say that the re-emergence of Pixies as recording artistes didn’t necessarily make me ecstatic. Would they enhance or sully the legend?

I gave the tentative thumbs up to free single ‘Bagboy’ for doing something a little different even if the facsimile Kim vocals only emphasised the fact that she had already left the band.

But my inital impressions of ‘EP1’ were negative. Lead track ‘Andro Queen’ is, by some distance, the worst thing they’ve ever done and, not unfairly, the rest of the record can be summed up by the soundbite ‘the Pixies do FM rock’.

Actually returning to the E.P. this weekend, I think, whilst there’s a lot of truth in the peceding paragraph, ‘Another Toe’ is a great pop song, FM Pixies or not. And the final track ‘What Goes Boom’ is pretty bloody good too. If a nagging feeling remains that much of ‘EP1’ would have fitted snuggly on either of the first two Frank Black Lps, nevertheless 2/4 isn’t a bad strike rate for an E.P (‘Indie Cindy’ is Pixies by numbers).

The follow-up ‘EP2’ arrived early in the New Year, but I confess that I didn’t rush out and download it.

There’s no misstep to start this record – the opening track ‘Blue Eyed Hexe’ is not only the most abrasive thing they’ve done this century but also probably the best.  And, as a wee bonus, it also features the return of the full blooded Black Francis Scream.

It’s unfortunately not a standard that the rest of the E.P. maintains. ‘Green and Blue’ is certainly another excellent pop song but ‘Magdalena’ and ‘Snakes’ are a little bit meh, with the latter managing to rhyme ‘over ground’ with, um, ‘underground’. They’re not bad, just a little undistinguished.

So overall ‘EP2’ is perhaps a slight step up from ‘EP1’ and with 4 or 5 excellent tunes so far there’s certainly been enough to keep me interested and to provide some hope that a new Pixies LP might be worth hearing

But equally there’s little here to suggest that they’re capable of coming anywhere close to matching those superb early records.

The video for the lead track from ‘EP2’: