Captains by Daisy Dundee

Captains are a mysterious duo from Dundee with a bit of an Orson Welles obsession and a keen line in distorted, disturbed songs that worm their way into your heart and psyche (writes Andy Wood). I’ve seen them live several times in recent months and found it hard to get a grasp on them. I really love their music but find it difficult to pin down exactly why I love it. Songs such as ‘Lips That Touch Liquor Don’t Touch Mine’, ‘Shame’ and ‘Party Lashes’ have a quite dense, discordant sound allied to a delicious catchiness. They remind me of a few bands I really like but it’s only fleeting comparisons so really I should just settle for saying they sound a bit cool, a bit messed up and a lot pretty damn good and demand that you listen to them for yourselves.

Guitarist/vocalist Paul took the time to answer some questions ahead of Captains’ first appearance at The Cool Cat Club on Thursday 6th February with PAWS and Robot Doctors.

Please introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit of how Captains came to be.

We’re a two-piece from Dundee, who can’t quite decide whether or not we want to be models or movie-stars. We met whilst constructing a to scale replica of the Globe Theatre (with authentic thatched roof) and shared a good few failed attempts at Fred Durst style chat up lines with anyone who would give us eye contact.

Why Captains? What inspired the name?

If we could convince you that we were in fact genuine leaders of men (or women) then that would be our answer. However, we have both watched a certain William Shatner documentary one too many times. Make of that what you will.

What are your influences, musical or otherwise?

The body and work of Orson Welles and the self destructive work ethic of Oliver Reed. The shape of punk to come, In Nothing We Trust and The banishment of the acoustic alt beard rock.

Why be in a band? Isn’t it just a heck of a lot of work only to reap a hell of a little reward?

We’re too lazy to write the Great American Novel, the closest thing we get to Sports is Huey Lewis and the News and we got tired of turning up to gigs with cool haircuts and nothing to back it up.

What has been the best moment (or moments) of being in Captains so far?

Not getting boo-ed at our first gig, hearing a song we recorded with Muirhead’s answer to Steve Albini on a national radio station and this (our first ever interview!)

And the worst / most awkward?  

Spilling a half-yard of Chateau Margaux over a clip on, five minutes before curtain up.

How would you describe your music to someone who has yet to have the privilege of hearing Captains yet?

Rocket-man era Elton John sound tracking the final, careless whispers of Michael Hutchence and David Carradine whilst Josh Homme strums a seductively melancholic slide guitar in the background.

If you could put together your ideal gig (with time, money and mortality no objectives) who would you invite to be on the bill and where would you hold it?

OutKast, Prince and the Dillinger Escape plan. The whole thing would be compered by Orson Welles and would take place in the Caird Hall. There would be a mandatory and very strict dress code.

What do the coming months hold for you? 

Gigs, gigs, recording and gigs.

February 6th- Beat Generator supporting PAWS

February 15th- Kage for make-that-a-take

March 1st- Non Zeros with Rag n Bone Man, Wildhouse and more

March 25th- Non Zeros supporting United Fruit

March 26th- Buskers supporting The Bonnevilles.

What is the question that you would most like to be asked?

Would you like to play a gig for/with us?

Anything you would like to add?

Is it cool to be in a guitar band again yet?

You can check out Captains excellent recordings here

More info on the first Cool Cat Club show of the year here. Advance tickets from Groucho’s or online here.

Captains photo by Daisy Dundee.


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