Made It Up – PAWS live


PAWS / Captains / Robot Doctors – The Cool Cat Club, Beat Generator Live, Dundee – 6th February 2014

Unusually, due to family circumstances, I’m playing catch up with live reviews but start off today by returning to a thoroughly enjoyable Thursday evening in Dundee.

PAWS were a band I’d hoped to have seen before now but, whilst circumstances dictated otherwise, they proved to be worth the wait.

The tour seems intended to break in new material from the band’s forthcoming LP so the setlist mixed highlights from the debut with the new tunes. On first impressions those new songs don’t sound like a huge departure from those on the first record but they certainly more than hold their own against the old favourites.

An energetic (young) crowd helped enliven the atmosphere and their 45 minute set passed in a blur of noise and strong melodies. Hopefully they’ll return when the new record comes out.

Support came from two contrasting Dundee rock bands. Robot Doctors were a tight, melodic rock band whose singer, rather refreshingly for this type of band, eschewed screaming in favour of singing. By contrast Captains were at times a feral howl, with their fractured blues reminding me on occasion of Hendrix and Beefheart.

I can’t, hand on heart, say I was blown away by either band but they were undoubtedly entertaining in their respective slots.

Photos from the show can be viewed here.

The next Cool Cat Club show is on Saturday 8th March featuring the return of Kid Canaveral to Dundee with support from the equally wonderful Randolph’s Leap and Deathcats.