It’s the first day of spring and what could be a better way to start the year’s most optimistic season than an interview with Lost Map Records’ own indie folksters Randolph’s Leap?

The Leap are limbering up for the biggest year in their history so far with a gig at the Cool Cat Club next Saturday (8th March) supporting Kid Canaveral at Beat Generator Live.

Ahead of the show Leap head-honcho Adam Ross talked to MPT about the long awaited debut LP, working with their new label and the undying influence of ‘Space Jam’ …

How would you describe yourselves to anyone who hasn’t seen you live?

“Via a pre-prepared, 12-page Powerpoint presentation, if possible. Failing that, I’d describe it as ‘pop music for unpopular people’.”

There’s a rumour going round that that long awaited debut LP is just around the corner. Is it true and if so when is the record coming out?

“It is true. It’s called ‘Clumsy Knot’ and it’s out on April 7th via Lost Map.”

Again, according to the rumour mill, the album isn’t just a set of full band recordings but a mixture of those with some DIY recordings. What was the thinking behind that?

“Home recording has always been important to me and it’s something that fans of the band have responded to and seem to enjoy. I think DIY recording allows you to put a lot of your own character into the music so I wanted to retain that quality on this album. At the same time, the live band has grown into an 8-piece and I wanted to start capturing that sound because the other Leapers are great musicians and I think we create a really nice racket together. ‘Clumsy Knot’ is therefore an apt title for the album as it represents the tying together of these different strands.”

The album was originally planned for Fence but in common with a lot of artists on Fence you’ve moved to Lost Map. What’s it been like working with Lost Map?

“Very similar. Admittedly less Fifey. Johnny ‘Pictish Trail’ Lynch was working away at the heart of Fence when we first got involved. When he broke away to start Lost Map he asked if we’d keep working with him and we said yes. I think the live events are my favourite thing about it. I think anyone who experienced the magic of Fence events will find similar warm feelings at a Lost Map event. The Lost Map roster is brilliant and they manage to pull off some amazing special guests too. Edwyn Collins at Xmas Baubles for instance.”

What are you planning to do to promote the album once it comes out?

“Lots of gigs. The launch is in Glasgow at the Kinning Park Complex on April 5th. After that we have a bunch of festivals – Wales Goes Pop, Stockton Calling, Brew At The Bog, Solas, Cloudspotting and a couple more that haven’t been announced yet.

“It’s the first album we’ve had on vinyl so I’m hoping that’ll be an extra incentive for people. As for the CD, I’ve put together a little accompanying booklet entitled ‘A Field Guide to Clumsy Knot’ which features pictures, maps, factsheets, a guided walk and lots more.

“This week I’ve been shooting two music videos. Filming has taken place in Glasgow, Milngavie, Aberfoyle and Glenfinnan and has involved swimming, canoeing, cycling and playing my guitar on a hilltop during a hailstorm. I think they’ll turn out well …”

Which of your new Lost Map stablemates would you particularly recommend to anyone who hadn’t heard anything on the label?

“They’re all great. Tuff Love are the newest sun-soaked signings and have been getting hyped lately from folk like The Guardian. Rozi Plain and Seamus Fogarty are the exotic enigmas ‘cos they live in England – they’re both hilarious and make beautiful modern folk(ish) music. Kid Canaveral sweat pop hooks and make me excited about electric guitars every time I hear them. Monoganon are cool as flip and the singer John is king of chord sequences. eagleowl will rock your socks off… only for you to realise that they subtly slipped them from your feet 25 minutes ago. And the whole troop is lead by The Pictish Trail –a sonic adventurist and disco-folk pioneer.”

And to finish some firsts. What or who first got you into music?

“Space Jam: The Official Soundtrack.”

What was the first record you ever bought for yourself?

“Space Jam: The Official Soundtrack.”

What was the first gig you attended?

“I grew up in Nairn so I didn’t see a ‘proper’ gig until 2005. I was able to make up for lost time though because the first gig I attended was a Tsunami Relief Concert at the SECC featuring Franz Ferdinand, Idlewild, Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai, Eugene Kelly, Teenage Fanclub, Mull Historical Society and others.”

If your house caught fire what would be the first thing you tried to save once you knew your family were safe?

“Space Jam: The Official Soundtrack.”

Randolph’s Leap play the Cool Cat Club @ Beat Generator Live on Saturday 8th March with Kid Canaveral and Deathcats. Advance tickets for the show (priced £7 plus booking fee) are available from Groucho’s in Dundee and online here. More info on the show here.

‘Clumsy Knot’ is launched with a show at the Kinning Park complex in Glasgow on Saturday 5th April (more info). In the lead up to the show the Leap with be playing:

7th March – Aberdeen – The Tunnels (with Kid Canaveral)
8th March – Dundee – The Cool Cat Club (with Kid Canaveral and Deathcats)
9th March – London – The Lexington (with Kid Canaveral)*
14th March – Glasgow – Glad Cafe (with Seamus Fogarty)*

* Adam solo