Cheering Rose’s Suffering – Kid Canaveral live


A few reflections on Saturday night’s Cool Cat Club show.

Deathcats opened the show and were every bit as good as the first time I saw them. Arguably their best pop song was their opener and they followed that with latest single ‘DREAMZ’. And when they needed something of change of pace there was the heavier, wiggier song that was such a stand-out last time.

If there’s one wish I have for the debut LP, it is that I’d love to see them bring something of that heavier live vibe to the record. Because right now Deathcats are unquestionably great value on the live circuit.


Randolph’s Leap set was memorable for two reasons. First of all there was the extremely rare sight of a support band not just earning an encore but also getting to play it.

This was achieved by the rather comical sight of the eight of them trying to squeeze into the back stage cupboard at the end of their set. But they managed to stay out of sight long enough to get the crowd on their side to allow them back on to play a cracking version of ‘Counting Sheep’.

The other reason that this particular Leap performance was memorable was the excellent sound. Normally the live Leap sound is something of an exhilarating helter skelter, which to be frank I absolutely love. And to be fair there was still an element of that on Saturday night.

But at times too there was an air of calm about the performance with each individual instrument getting a chance in the spotlight. I’ve never heard such clarity in the Leap’s sound before and it lent them an air of maturity, which suits them well.

Randolph’s Leap played:

1. Goodbye  2. Nature  3. Real Anymore  4. Foolishness of Youth  5. Microcosm  6. Black & Blue  7. News  8. Hermit  9. I Can’t Dance To This Music Anymore  10 Light of the Moon

Encore: 11. Counting Sheep


Right from the opening chords of ‘Low Winter Sun’, headliners Kid Canaveral delivered one of the most energised sets I’ve seen from them in a wee while. The song selection wasn’t that different from 12 months ago but the set has undoubtedly been freshened up by a little bit of reordering.

That even extended to the end of the show as they delivered the second encore of the night. Honestly I can count the number of encores I’ve seen them do on the fingers of one hand. But the truth of the matter is that they have the songs to play a set which won’t necessarily include every single fans’ favourite and this time it was ‘Smash Hits’ which had the honour of closing this particular outing.

Kid Canaveral played:

1. Low Winter Sun  2. Who’s Looking At You, Anyway? 3. Breaking Up Is The New Getting Married  4. Without A Backing Track  5. You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night  6. Her Hair Hangs Down  7. The Wrench  8. Skeletons  9. Couldn’t Dance  10. Who Would Want To Be Loved? 11. And Another Thing!!  12. Good Morning  13. A Compromise

Encore 14. Stretching The Line  15. Smash Hits