A slightly belated nod to the Deathcats/Fruit Tones split single, or should I say, Thplit cassette, out on Fuzzkill Records earlier in the month.

Deathcats are certainly no strangers to these pages of late and their two tracks on the E.P. are a further illustration of just why that is.

Their two contributions on the E.P. represent something of a step up from the overly clean cut ‘I Wish It Was Summer’. Both songs have a little bit more bite than the predecessor E.P. and at the same time manage to capture something of the band’s live energy.

Lead track ‘DREAMZ’ (backed by its hilarious Alvin Stardust apeing video) is a worthy lead track but their other offering here, ‘Alligator’, with its nagging familiar riff, is just as good.

Manchester’s Fruit Tones meanwhile offer up not 2 but 3 songs on the tape.

They’re a new name to me but on the evidence of their garage rock’n’roll, they sound like they would be absolute naturals for a future Cool Cat Club Show. In fact they sound uncannily like Mancunian cousins of CCC regulars the Hugs.

This is rock’n’roll reduced to its bare essentials – no frills, hell barely even any production. But, if their tunes are perhaps slightly less obvious than Deathcats, they never forget that that’s what lies at the heart of all great rock’n’roll.

‘Thplit’ is available from Fuzzkill Records on cassette (with download code).

Here’s another look at the aforementioned video for ‘DREAMZ’:

Deathcats’ debut LP ‘All Hail Deathcats’ is released on Fuzzkill on 9th June.