Upside Down in a A Cage – The Edsel Furys interview

The Edsel Furys Live

The Edsel Furys are a pretty new band for me (writes Andy Wood) though the Bath quartet have been kicking around for a little while now releasing two E.P.’s ‘Sound Of Furys’ and the ‘2-3-5-6’ E.P. last year. The bedrock of the sound is 60s Garage Punk but they mix it up with a variety of other sounds including brass and a sweet, melodic bent while lead vocalist Jim Fury has a pleasing, soulful voice rather than a Garage growl. This doesn’t detract from their raw, energetic sound but helps them stand out from a legion of fellow punks from the crypt.

They describe themselves as being an amalgam of ‘Soulful vocals layered over driving Rock ‘n’ Roll rhythms. Piping Rockabilly riffs & Go-Go surf guitars through a 60’s fuzzbox’ and I have to say that’s pretty close to the mark. There is also a great element of fun to their mix of originals and covers and they sound like the best party band ever, full of top tunes, played with a sheer joy and no little skill. By men in masks and a line in natty shirts as well.

Originals like ‘Vapour’ from the most recent E.P. and ‘Chrome’ sound pretty damn fine and have a bit of Mod feel to them as well. I’m feeling pretty privileged to be putting them on this Friday and really looking forward to catching the energy live.

Ahead of their show The Edsel Furys kindly answered a few questions.

Could you please introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about how you came about being in The Edsel Furys?

The Edsel Furys consist of
Jim Fury – Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Kazoo, Tambourine and general percussion things.
Gary ‘Lee’ Fury –Drums & Backing Vocals
Owen Fury – Fuzz Guitar & some Backing Vocals
Stuart Fury – Grinding Bass & Deep Backing Vocals

The band was conceived by the original bass player, Lee. He had just done a reunion gig with Owen of an old band, and was keen to start up a new venture. Owen says he couldn’t think of any reason to say no and said he was in! Lee also had Jim in mind as potential singer. He had known him for several years. So when he approached him with the idea of this new band, it was an enthusiastic ‘yes’.

Sadly Lee is no longer with us. By that we mean he moved on to another project. Being in the Edsel Furys, hasn’t proved fatal to anyone. Yet!

Why did you choose the name The Edsel Furys?

Well coming up with any band name is fraught with all sorts of pit falls and we needed something to match our 60‘s influences and sense of humour. The name was suggested by our first drummer and was the Car Crash name combining the Plymouth ‘Fury’ with the Ford ‘Edsel’.

What are your influences, musical or otherwise?

We started out doing a lot of 60’s Garage covers, so we drew very heavily from people like the Standells and Sonics in the early days. Some of these songs still feature in the set and are joined by a few others but we have introduced more of our own original material in the last few years. Those songs were the bedrock that we built upon, and we draw influences from wherever we find them. We don’t feel confined by the Garage genre and write songs how we feel they should be played. Hopefully you’re hearing things in there that you wouldn’t expect.

How would you describe The Edsel Furys to someone who has yet to hear you?

Oh that’s always a tricky one. To some people, they aren’t aware of the link to the Garage music we do. So it starts out trying to explain that. It’s easier if you come along and listen. We will buy you a beer.

We play fuzzy, gritty, rock spiked with garage, surf and soul and we look good doing it.

What motivates you all to be in a band? Isn’t it just lots of grief and hardwork for little reward?

It’s great fun! To turn up at a new venue and leave with a satisfied audience, kind of makes it worthwhile. We have played so many interesting gigs, and met loads of friendly, funny people. So as long as people enjoy what we do, we will keep on doing it.

What would you like to achieve as a band?

To have most of our (sizable) audience turn up in our T-Shirts. That would look so good.

What has been the best moment about being in The Edsel Furys to date?

Owen – It’s close tie between supporting the Swedish band Los Plantronics for one of our hometown gigs, and playing a local festivals ‘The End Is Near’, where Jim sang upside down in a cage. It was all bit Russ Meyer!

Jim – We’ve played a lot of great gigs over the past 6 years, but one of my favourites was singing upside down in a cage at one of The End Is Near festivals. It was very Russ Meyer.

And the worst / most awkward?

Nothing really springs to mind. There was a gig where Stu was getting a lot of unwanted close up attention from a drunken woman during a set. It wasn’t her attention that was awkward, it was the fact she was the girlfriend of Owen’s mate. We all felt really awkward for him. His friend, not Owen. Owen was just glad he wasn’t on the receiving end of that attention. That would have been even more awkward.

If you could organise and play your ideal gig who would play and where would it be held?

We would love to a big gig in home town of Bath, playing on the bill with the Sonics and X. That would be our dream gig and simply an honour to grace a stage with them both.

What are your plans for the coming months?

Coming up is our Scottish mini-tour, where we will catch up with our old friends the Bucky Rage. Once that’s completed, we will be heading into the studio to record our first album. We recently recorded a video, so that should be released really soon as well.

Anything else that you would like to add?

Can we interest you in a T-Shirt and can you wear it to our gig?

The Edsel Furys play:

Thursday 10th April – Glasgow, 13th Note
Friday 11th April – Dundee, The Cool Cat Club, Beat Generator Live! (More info)

Here’s a taster of what to expect at the two dates: