Randolph’s Leap / Sweet Baboo / Rachael Dadd – Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow – Saturday 5th April 2014

Strip away Andy’s interviews from the blog in recent months and you might get the impression that MPT is a Randolph’s Leap fansite such has been the weight of reviews, interviews etc. Well, in the interests of variety, I’m going to swear off the Leap for a wee while – at least after I’ve talked a little about Saturday’s exhilarating launch for ‘Clumsy Knot’ in Glasgow.

The Leap’s set was a frantic romp through highlights from the new LP, its sister E.P. ‘Real Anymore’ and some oldies. But it was perhaps ‘Real Anymore’ which best summed up the evening as this version was taken at nothing less than breakneck, almost hardcore, speed.

With the sound very much lending itself to the raucous approach, the pace was perhaps also influenced by the need to allow those to make it to the Underground for the last tube. But then the Leap in this mood are never anything less than great fun and if there’s a live tune at the moment guaranteed to put a smile on my face more than ‘Light of the Moon’, then I’ve no idea what it is.

Which isn’t to say that their quieter side wasn’t on display – it just wasn’t as prominent as it was in Dundee. But we got great, subtle full band versions of ‘Black and Blue’ and ‘Unnatural’ but inevitably the evening’s highlight was ‘Weatherman’ (inexplicably omitted from their Dundee set).

If anyone doubted that Lost Map would continue the Fence traditions then Saturday surely put those to rest. The venue was a community hall reminiscent of some of the halls in the East Neuk albeit on an urban scale.


And the two supports were exactly the sort of solo artists that you’d expect to come across at a previous Homegame. Rachael Dadd opened the show with a whimsical acoustic set which boasted the unprecedented sight of a singer playing with a baby in a sling on her back! It’s fair to say that Dadd jr wasn’t terribly happy at being removed from the action early on.


Sweet Baboo turned out to be a droll Welshman from Cardiff, and egged on by Mr Pictish, seemed to play loads and loads of songs. I enjoyed his performance and, again the Fence connection was well in evidence as a fair chunk of the audience seemed to know his recorded material and overall he got a great reception.

But the evening undoubtedly belonged to the Leap and rightly so. I made a promise at the top of this page and I intend to keep it. But probably not for terribly long.

In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, treat yourself to ‘Clumsy Knot’ – you won’t regret it.

Randolph’s Leap played:

1. Goodbye 2. Nature 3. Foolishness of Youth 4. Black and Blue 5. Real Anymore 6. Weatherman 7. Microcosm 8. Isle of Love 9. News 10. Hermit 11. I Can’t Dance To This Music Any More 12. Light of the Moon 13. Unnatural 14. Crisps