Jackson Hall LLS2s

Monday sees the release of ‘Lost Love Songs Two’ by Jackson Hall. Whilst Jackson Hall is the solo guise of Cancel The Astronauts frontman Matthew Riley, LLS2 owes next to nothing to that band’s output. What it does though is to demonstrate that Matt’s songwriting talents stretch far beyond the not exactly narrow confines of Cancel The Astros.

As with Volume 1, Volume 2 is a mini album of short songs and the general mood, as the title would suggest, is downbeat. It’s not the most immediate of records but, as with the last Jackson Hall record, repeated listens prove that this one is not lacking in gems. Whilst the arrangements are quite simple, piano led with complementary strings, the sound is nevertheless quite full.

Despite the melancholic atmosphere there’s still something uplifting about some of the piano on the record which at times recalls Mike Mills’s playing on ‘Automatic for the People’, whilst the string quartet deliver some of the record’s most affecting melodies.

‘Drawn To The Water’ is my particular favourite currently but ‘Prettiest Eclipse’ is not too far behind in my affections.

You won’t hear much like ‘Lost Love Songs Two’ in Scottish indie but it’s nevertheless an evocative collection of thoughtful songs, which deserves an audience. So here’s a chance to hear ‘Drawn To The Water’:

‘Lost Love Songs Two’ is released on Monday and is available on CD and download from the Jackson Hall Bandcamp.