Vote Stafford! Vote Canaverals!


It’s that time of year again when the Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Award allows the public loose on its 20 album strong long list.

At the time of writing we’re about 21 hours into the 72 hour vote which closes at 23:59 on Wednesday evening and in that time you can vote for one of  the 20 LPs with the winner of the public vote guaranteed entry into the 10 album shortlist.

This year MPT is advocating that you vote for one of two LPs.

My favourite album of 2013 was Adam Stafford’s ‘Imaginary Walls Collapse’ and it will surely prove to be a substantial lapse in the taste of the judging panel should Adam not make the shortlist.

Equally worthy of your support though is Kid Canaveral’s ‘Now That You Are A Dancer’. The Canaverals have long been favourites of this blog and their second LP marked a step up in quality in every department from their excellent debut LP ‘Shouting At Wildlife’.

Whilst there are a number of more commercially successful acts on the long list, the same was true last year and yet the Twilight Sad emerged as winners of the popular vote. So a vote for either of these acts could well make a substantial difference to their future success.

You can – *should* – vote for either of these acts here. However if you feel someone else is more worthy of your vote then you could vote for one of the other 18 albums on the long list.

Whatever you do, I would urge that you do exercise your democratic right to vote before Wednesday is out. After all, anything which raises the profile of the Scottish music scene has to be a good thing and, as the sages at Gerry Loves Records wisely commented this morning, voting in the  will be the only time this month you can vote for what you love, not the best of a bad bunch.