More Bass! – Book Group live


Book Group

Some belated thoughts about Saturday’s Cool Cat Club/MPT show at Beat Generator Live.

Marley Davidson’s a talented lad. A fabulous voice, good keyboard skills and he deals superbly with an almost empty room such that by the end of his set absolutely everyone is on his side. Good show, young man.


Marley Davidson

Next up were Cancel The Astronauts playing just their second set as a four piece. Six of the seven songs are new and a couple have even been discarded from the last show. MPT reckons that they’re not as dark as at that last show and whilst there may indeed be a different vibe about the band just now certain key elements remain firmly in place. It’s great to see them back.


Cancel The Astronauts

Stoor were extremely pissed off at the end of their set reckoning that they were awful. I think I can speak for myself and Andy to say that we enjoyed them a lot and even since the last time there’s been a fair change over in the set with several new songs. Can’t wait to see them play a set that they think is great!



Headliners Book Group were let down a bit by the scheduling of the promoters meaning that their set had to be trimmed but they powered through the time remaining to them. Whilst all the acts got a great reception, it was just a little bit special for the Bookies. And why not? I don’t think there’s any doubt that they’re my favourite Scottish act of the moment and I’m looking forward to the next time – when I won’t have to worry about what time it is.