Facts About Dogs – Deathcats live


Deathcats / Yoko Pwno / Blood Indians – The Cool Cat Club, Beat Generator Live, Dundee – Saturday 7th June 2014

A family event meant that this was a truncated visit to the Cool Cat Club and I didn’t arrive early enough to catch more than the last 90 seconds of Blood Indians.

It was nevertheless quite a startling 90 seconds – sufficient to prove that the band just how far the band have progressed from their earlier incarnation (largely) as an acoustic duo.

All electric now I heard enough to bitterly regret missing their set but at least managed to order the impressive debut E.P. online the following day.


Yoko Pwno were a completely new act to me but I was captivated by their live energy. Andy described them (admittedly as an over simplification) as ‘Teuchter techno’ and certainly there’s an element of that to their sound, particularly when the fiddle provides the jaunty melodies to an electro backing.

But they’re also way more than that – more subtle and atmospheric at times whilst at others the fiddle and guitar interplay lent them some extra heft. Not sure if the records are for me but I’d love to see them live again.

So to the headliners, Deathcats, my main reason for braving the torrential rain. Without doubt Saturday was the best of the three sets that I’ve seen from them (although my increasing familiarity with the set certainly helped my enjoyment).

Playing the entire album in order (with one additional song added midstream), Deathcats blasted through their set and amply demonstrated just why their star seems to be very much on the rise.


The highlight remains the trilogy of ‘Danny Dyer’/’Danny Deneato’/’Dissertation’ which should really be regarded as one psyche classic. But the likes of ‘Solid’ and ‘Alligator’ showed the boys not only have great tunes but the crunchy garage riffs to back them up.

All three bands deserved a better turn-out than they got but those that did brave the rain to make the show were rewarded with a diverse bill of talented acts.