Watch Where You Tread – Roy Moller LP review


Roy Moller was pretty much a new name to me when a promo CD arrived from Stereogram for his new L.P. ‘One Domino’. However his past credits include a number of  solo LPs as well as collaborations with the likes of Edinburgh legend Davy Henderson and Stevie Jackson of Belle & Sebastian.

It’s fair to say that the Henderson link throws more light on the contents of ‘One Domino’ than B&S. But for my money the only other Stereogram act that I’m aware of, the Cathode Ray, are a much better starting point because ‘One Domino’ isn’t that far removed the Cathode Ray’s avowed manifesto of melding the rock and dance music of late 1970’s New York.

As a consequence there’s ample pleasures to be found within the album’s 11 songs.

Some of the links to late` 70s NYC are more obvious than others. There’s the scuffed magnificence of the guitars on ‘Street Oblique’ and the pounding disco of ‘Edinburgh City Control’. But the album also wanders down some less well travelled back streets in particular the new wave C&W of the title track which closes the album. Or for that matter the peculiar cut-up instrumental ‘A Glorious Sunset Mistaken For Dawn’. It’s fair to say that ‘One Domino’ covers a lot of ground.

One constant throughout is the nagging melodies exemplified on the likes of the opening ‘Honey Berlin’ and ‘Where I Am Is Here’.

‘One Domino’ may not (thankfully!) boast a polished sound but it’s unquestionably an accomplished  record.