Five Years to Get To This (2) – Randolph’s Leap and Tuff Love live


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Randolph’s Leap / Tuff Love – Electric Circus, Edinburgh – Saturday 23rd August 2014

It’s not as if we’ve not seen Randolph’s Leap recently but we ended up taking a fairly late decision to go to the Electric Circus last Saturday. The opportunity to purchase tickets for Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles probably tipped the balance but the chance to see Leap and Tuff love on the same bill was too good to pass up. Almost inevitably the show lived up to expectations.

First up were Tuff Love. Having enjoyed their set at the 2013 Baubles, I confess I was slightly disappointed not to be completely blown away by the debut E.P. It’s not that it’s not a good record, it certainly is, it’s just that my expectations were unreasonably high.

Yet this set illustrated why that was the case because, in a live context, they were really great once again.

It was one of those nights at the Circus where the sound was pretty wild and Tuff Love’s mixture of the Breeders and summery pop sounded pretty loud. Even though Julie’s vocals initially were pretty low  in the mix, the extra volume suited them well.


We got (I think) the whole E.P. but the other songs were just as good. If they manage to bottle some of this energy  on the next record then it WILL be everything I’m hoping for.

Randolph’s Leap are an absolute joy live at the moment and last Saturday’s set, probably the longest I’ve seen them play, was no exception.

The additional volume lent their performance an untamed edge and may have encouraged a version of ‘Real Anymore’ that was taken at such a ridiculous pace that it was even faster than the Kinning Park version (‘Ramones Anymore’, anyone?).

With more than an hour to play with, the Leapers ripped through pretty much everything you might have expected from  them. But there was also time for rare outings for ‘Unnatural’ and a wonderful ‘Mutiny’ alongside old favourites such as ‘Crisps’, ‘Counting Sheep’ and ‘Undergod’.


“I thought she’d catch the popcorn like this!”

Adam was also in a somewhat irreverent mood to match the untamed sound  with mentions of the SDL and Billy Bragg as well as slagging off the capital and throwing a mouldy piece of popcorn he found on the stage at an audience member! (Neither of those with any malice, I would suggest).

In fact the whole band was in such good spirits that both Vicky and Heather addressed the audience for the first time that I can remember. (But TMI, Heather!)

Yep. As usual the Leap sent me away with a broad grin on my face. In fact I’d go as far as to say that they’re already my live band of the year – case closed.

Randolph’s Leap played:

1. Unnatural  2. Goodbye  3. Foolishness of Youth  4. Mutiny  5. Nature  6. Real Anymore  7. Microcosm  8. Weatherman  9. Isle of Love  10.Light of the Moon  11. News  12. Hermit  13. I Can’t Dance To This Music Any More  14. Crisps

15. Counting Sheep  16. Undergod

Photos from the show here.