Randolph’s Leap / Blood Indians / Ed Muirhead – Beat Generator Live, Dundee – Friday 3rd October 2014

Some thoughts on Friday night’s show.

Summed up – three great acts and a largely attentive and enthusiastic audience. What more could we want?

Well, as ever, we reckoned that the show deserved a better audience. But the foul weather undoubtedly couldn’t have arrived at a worse time in terms of deterring the casual punter from venturing outdoors.

Turning to the music, Ed Muirhead did his first show for us and opened the show with a piano based set. He’s undoubtedly a versatile player and his set covered an impressive range of styles from contemporary Scottish folk to more 70s influenced singer-songwriter fare.

On one hand Ed benefited from playing to a rather larger than normal sized audience for an opening act at a CCC show – on the other the hubbub had become rather distracting by the end of his set.


Having only heard the 4 piece Blood Indians through the E.P. (and a couple of minutes live), their set this time around was a bit of a surprise.

The E.P. is certainly one version of their sound but its cleaner sound doesn’t necessarily seem to represent where the band are headed.

In person, they imbue the tunes with a greater sense of mystery and intrigue and the best of their material (single ‘Lioness’ and the closing ‘Cold Caller’) stand comparisons to the darker pop of Belly. And that’s no small praise in these quarters.

Rowan and Joanne have certainly done a lot of musical growing up in public over the last couple of years but on this evidence they’re delivering on their early promise.


Finally the headliners. Beat Generator seems to suit Randolph’s Leap. I’ve never heard them sound better than they did at the venue in March but Friday’s show sounded every bit as good whilst retaining the energy that dominates so many of their shows.

They’re simply my favourite live act at the moment and I’d suggest that an hour is their company is guaranteed to lift the spirits of all but the most stony hearted.

The setlist was similar to recent headlining shows but the appearance of ‘Take The Skinheads Bowling’ was a nice surprise which only happened due to an unlikely rock’n’roll coincidence.

During the soundcheck the band had slipped elements of ‘Skinheads’ into ‘Counting Sheep’ which was noticed by sound engineer Mick – who had actually toured with Camper van Beethoven back in the day.

Given my comments on the evening’s sound the cover was a fitting tribute to Mick’s sterling work on the night.


The Leap played (something like):

1. Goodbye  2. Foolishness of Youth  3. Nature  4. Isle of Love  5. Weatherman  6. Real Anymore  7. Light of the Moon  8. Microcosm 9. News  10. Hermit 11. I Can’t Dance To This Music Any More  12. Take The Skinheads Bowling  13. Crisps

14. Unnatural  15. Counting Sheep

Photos from the show here.

Adam returns to Dundee for a solo support of James Yorkston on Sunday 26th October at the Redd Suite.