I was introduced a few months ago to Roy Moller through his excellent ‘One Domino’ album released on Stereogram early in the summer.

Rather remarkably there’s already been another Moller album – ‘My Week Beats Your Year’ which followed in a matter of weeks (even if it’s taken me a couple of months to catch up).

Inspired by being asked to perform a Lou Reed show for the Edinburgh Fringe MWBYY acts as a part biography/part tribute to Reed by documenting Moller’s early exposure to Reed’s music.

Musically it’s more of a consistent set than its wildly eclectic predecessor ‘One Domino’ taking the New York influences from that record as its template.

Which is in no way intended to pigeonhole MWBYY. On the contrary it’s a diverse LP from the acoustic strum of LP opener ‘Capital City’ to the squalling guitars and celebratory organ of ‘Captivity’ through the horn section on ‘Under The Radar’.

As with ‘One Domino’ what pulls the different elements together is Moller’s insistent melodic sense whilst the production remains pleasingly lived in.

‘My Week Beats Your Year’ is available from Stereogram Recordings. Roy Moller supports James King and the Lonewolves at the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh (23rd November) and Oran Mor, Glasgow (27th).