I stumbled across this the other night, I confess, when looking for something else. But what a find.

‘Wolf’ b/w ‘Wander’ by Kung-Fu Jesus is the latest release on the ever reliable (if not exactly prolific) Gargleblast Records. Funnily enough Martin Henry had talked about Kung-Fu Jesus to me (last year?) but the release of the single a few weeks back had completely passed me by.

The two songs on the single both have that quality that makes me want to play them over and over again (must be a Gargleblast thing – my 2013 single of the year – Behold, The Old Bear’s ‘Best Enemy’ – was also on Gargleblast).

A-side ‘Wolf’ sounds a bit like Micah P Hinson doing a techno anthem and at 2:41 it’s pitched at absolute classic pop single length. But at just two verses and choruses long one listen is never enough – so back you go for another listen.

‘Wander’ meanwhile is built from the same raw materials but is much more of a sprawling epic – there’s even a coda – but for all that it’s no less hook laden.

This is fantastic stuff – you can get it from the Gargleblast Bandcamp here.

Right, I need to write some proper reviews now – there’s plenty of options out there at  the moment. So I may go dark again for a few days …