High on Chips – Randolph’s Leap’s “I Can’t Dance To This Music Any More” 2


Randolph’s Leap / Carbs / Ballboy / Adam Stafford / Chrissy Barnacle / Joseph Goss / Sandy Boutell / Andrew Learmonth – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow – Sunday 9th November 2014

A great evening through in Glasgow yesterday with pretty much non-stop entertainment from start to finish of the second instalment of the Randolph’s Leap’s/Lost Map extravaganza ICDTTMA.

I’m not going to do a “proper” “review” rather offer some brief thoughts.

The comedians were all entertaining but Andrew Learmonth and Joseph Goss were particularly good.

I’d seen the majority of the bands before and they all lived up to expectations.

A special word for the headliners who included no fewer than 3 new tunes in their set and also a rare outing for ‘Mutiny’ (so rare, in fact, that Adam seemed to forget the words!).

Ballboy (solo) turned out to be not just Gordon but also Alexa and they were really rather lovely whilst Carbs were as barking as the last time I saw them.

Adam Stafford had to overcome technical difficulties to deliver what was probably the longest ever version of ‘Please’ – at least in time taken from start to finish!

There were two new acts to me as well – the utterly charming Chrissy Barnacle and Teen Canteen who sounded almost exactly as I thought they would and, outside of the Leap themselves, were probably Mrs MPT’s favourites on the day.

Roll on the next one!

Some half decent and some rubbish camera phone photos from the show: