Scatter! -Tuff Love, Wozniak and Luna Webster live


Tuff Love / Wozniak /Luna Webster – The Cool Cat Club, Beat Generator Live, Dundee – 20th November

The day after another MPT/Cool Cat Club co-promotion, truth be told, I’m a little scunnered.

Not because of the show which was every bit as good as we’d hoped. (In fact I can never remember any of our shows disappointing musically in the slightest). But because of the turn out. It was a bit soul destroying to see so few paying punters – even on a Thursday.

Particularly since the three acts were amazing.

Tuff Love get better every time I see them and last night had the bonus of also being the best sounding show I’ve heard them play. Dialled down a couple of notches from the blitzkrieg attack at the Electric Circus, the songs shone through. And Tuff Love have got songs to spare.

Half the numbers came from the debut E.P. whilst most of the others are probably going to be on its successor, due in the New Year. There’s something joyous about their live set just now and in ‘That’s Right’ they’ve got their heaviest tune to date. They’ve come a long way in one short year.


Wozniak too were wonderful even if their set was more familiar. Instead of jumping from one mood to another with each different song, last night’s set seemed programmed to keep the moods going a little longer. Starting accessibly with ‘Paper Hat’ and ‘Five Star’ they went all brooding for a while before finishing with what seemed to me like an unusually jaunty version of ‘MFMB’. I repeat, a wonderful band.


Luna Webster had opened the show. She too has come a long way in the last year or so and she is starting to look so much more confident playing live. Her guitar backing remains muted but the new(er) songs seem to be stretching her range and anyone who can go from one song which says ‘I’m marvellous, I’m delightful” to the next which includes “I’m a fuck-up” gets my vote.

However there’s no escaping the fact that the turn-out put a dampener on my evening’s enjoyment simply because the acts deserved better and I’ll have to give it serious consideration before getting involved in putting something on in Dundee again.

Photos from the show here.