One More Time – James King and the Lonewolves live


James King and the Lonewolves / Lola In Slacks / Roy Moller – The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh – Sunday 23rd November 2015

Mad November weekend concluded with the Edinburgh album launch at the Voodoo Rooms for the new James King and the Lonewolves album ‘Lost Songs of the Confederacy’.

Despite the hectic MPT schedule, the band’s first Edinburgh show in nearly 30 years certainly fell into the unmissable category particularly since I’m not able to get to the Oran Mor show tomorrow night (Thursday). Unfortunately fewer people than I’d have liked shared my view and turnout was well below what the band deserved.

Lack of numbers apart, Sunday’s show didn’t disappoint. It may have been the cleanest sounding show that I’ve heard them play since they reformed, but needless to say it wasn’t lacking in heft.

The clarity of the sound however highlighted the interplay between the three guitars as well as the importance of Nick Clark’s bass to the live sound.

For all that, it wasn’t perhaps quite as engrossing a show as last year’s brilliant Stereo set. They started impressively with ‘While I Can’, a new song and ‘Chance I Can’t Deny’. But somewhere along the line the intensity dropped a notch or two.

Looking again at the set list I’m not even sure when it happened but perhaps the lack of feedback from a stereotypically quiet Edinburgh audience had something to do with it. Certainly ‘Texas Lullaby’ lifted the show back to the heights of the early tunes and the peerless run of songs that followed took us home in style.

If a reverb heavy ‘Fun Patrol’ was the tune to get some of the audience dancing, it was the closing ‘A Step Away from Home’ which was the evening’s high point.


The Lonewolves played:

1. While I Can  2. Without The Fools  3. Chance I Can’t Deny  4. So Alone  5. Over The Side  6. Live or Die  7. Pretty Blue Eyes  8. Fly Away  9. Bridgeton Summer  10. Texas Lullaby  11. Even Beatles Die   12. Fun Patrol  13. (Un)Happy Home  14. A Step Away From Home

After reviewing two of his LPs this year, MPT was pleased to catch Roy Moller’s opening set but a little gutted to miss the start due to running late.


Clean is again the word that springs to mind for Roy’s acoustic guitar sound, but I did enjoy his mixture of originals and covers.

I enjoyed too the other support act, the six piece Lola In Slacks.

Singer Lou Reid (no, really) has a voice reminiscent of Marianne Faithful which suits perfectly the blues tinged backing.

Their six song set was something of a slow burner, serene but at the same time not lacking purpose. They really only ratcheted up the urgency towards the end of the set yet, slightly against my expectations, they managed to keep me interested throughout.


Given that their demos on Soundcloud, particularly ‘False Lines’, sound great, I’ll be keeping an eye open for them in future.

Lost of photos from the show here.

The same line-up plays Oran Mor in Glasgow tomorrow evening (November 27th).

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