I Think We Got Away With That – The Everlasting Yeah live


The Everlasting Yeah – Stereo, Glasgow – Thursday 27th November 2014

If this was The Everlasting Yeah playing when rusty, then I’d love to see them when they’re on fire.

Their Scottish debut at Stereo in Glasgow on Thursday was pretty much everything that debut LP ‘Anima Rising’ had promised – an occasionally intense but always exhilarating blast of infectious guitar music.

Given that ‘Anima Rising’ is a record that was developed through the band playing together in a room it seemed a certainty that the songs would transfer seamlessly to the live environment. And so it proved.


However the band didn’t just recreate the energy of the album but also managed to add to the experience.

The most obvious difference live is the sheer physicality of Ciaran’s drumming which is a ferocious presence in the live set. It was also so forceful that at one point it seemed that he was in danger of knocking his kit forward to join the other three musicians on the lower level of the stage.

With all the band singing, it was also fascinating to work out who was singing which parts.

Of all the material it was set closer, an electrifying version of ‘The Grind’, which benefited most from the live performance gaining not just a a couple of layers of extra intensity but also a degree of fluidity from the playing.

TEY rattled through the album in its entirety (almost in sequence) to finish with ‘The Grind’. Quite a few bands wouldn’t even have attempted to follow that particular show stopper so it was nice to see the band return to finish the show with two non-LP tracks with the garage riffing of the tentatively titled ‘Say Nothing’ particularly impressive.

tey_271114_671vsAt the moment these guys are flying under the radar. They’re undoubtedly battling against the industry’s disdain for older artists, particularly those appearing under a fresh banner. I can’t help feeling that if they’d put out ‘Anima Rising’ as That Petrol Emotion, it would be a hell of a lot easier to garner attention.

But performances such as Thursday’s  prove that the Everlasting Yeah are at least as vital as any bands half their age and it’s surely only a matter of time before a wider audience starts to take notice.

One of the gigs of the year.

The Everlasting Yeah played:

1. (Whatever Happened to the) Hoodlum Angels  2. A Little Bit of Uh Huh, A Whole Lot of Oh Yeah  3. New Beat on Shakin’ Street  4. Taking That Damn Train Again  5. Everything Is Beautiful  6. All Around The World  7. The Grind

8. Say Nothing  9. Hurricane Nation

I’ve got loads of photos from the show but haven’t yet had time to sort them out.