In his final contribution to the 2014 series, Andy catches up with Luna Webster to reflect on the last 12 months.

Your Own Music

Your own musical highlight of the year?

Recording the music video for my band Old Barber’s debut single and just getting to dance about in glitter and faux fur. Seeing the final edit was amazing too. I’m so lucky to know such creative people. It made me very thankful for my friends and for the fact I am at the point where I can do things like that and get literally thousands of Youtube views.

Favourite performance of the year?

I only played a few gigs this year! I had a lot of fun at the Wozniak/Tuff Love show. It was the first time I felt truly confident on stage and could actually interact with the crowd. I enjoyed playing my new material for the first time too.

What’s the one thing that went wrong in 2014 you’d like to fix?

I definitely would have done more gigs.

What you gonna be doing next year?

It’s my first Glasgow gig and I’m playing at Nice n Sleazy with Life Model, we’ll be releasing the Old Barber debut album, hopefully a couple of solo gigs and Old Barber shows, and a couple more collaborations are getting planned at the moment too!

Others’ Music

3 LPs you’ve listened to the most in 2014?

Warpaint by Warpaint is amazing, FKA Twigs’ LP1 is flawless, Sharon Van Etten’s Are We There is beautiful as well.

Best gig attended?

Prince at The Hydro!

Best discovery in 2014?

Phantogram. I know they’ve been about a while but I absolutely fell in love with them. Also Antique Pony, who again have been around for years but I suppose good things are worth the wait??

Who should we be looking out for in 2015?

Herbert Powell, Jack Garratt, Old Barber (lil bit of self promotion there), Raury.

Anything and Everything

Event of 2014

My own personal highlight was seeing Prince with my Mum who cried as she’d wanted to see him for 20 odd years. Maybe being at a house party and somebody putting Old Barber on and seeing everybody dancing and singing, even people I didn’t know. Going to Wetherspoons with Tommy Sheridan was something I never thought would happen to me. I think on a U.K scale, seeing Nicola Sturgeon become First Minister was really cool.

Hero of 2014

Kevin Don for thinking that Frankie Boyle steals his jokes and also asking me about memes the first time I met him.

Lowpoint of 2014

Sitting on the steps up to my boyfriend’s brother’s flat in my pyjamas at 5.30am smoking two cigarettes at once on September 19th following me and my boyfriend’s realisation that the Yes vote wasn’t going to happen. We’d been excited for months and we’d stayed up all night and ended up totally devastated. Alternatively, a slightly funnier image is of me on a cruise ship spewing into the ocean after getting sunstroke during a Robbie Williams tribute act.

Villain of 2014

It’s a toss up between Farage, Cameron, Osbourne…I’ll make it simpler and just say Westminster, it covers that bit more ground.

Favourite book of 2014

I didn’t read a book released this year but I did read Trainspotting for the first time and I absolutely adored it.

Favourite film of 2014

Grand Budapest Hotel!

Best piece of advice you were given in 2014

When I left school in April my 2nd year English teacher cried and told me to never stop being myself. So I suppose that was quite sentimental but lovely as well.

Something to look forward to in 2015

Moving away to University (I’m praying I’ll be in Glasgow), releasing the Old Barber album, playing my first gig in Glasgow, hopefully a lovely pre Uni holiday with my best pals (I’m wishing for a festival abroad), going to Manchester with my wonderful boyfriend, making any and all music I can!