To start my look back at 2014, here’s the rundown of MPT’s favourite singles and E.P.s of the past 12 months:


  1. Book Group – Tantrums
  2. Wozniak – Pikes Peak
  3. Tuff Love – Junk
  4. Skinny Dipper – Masks
  5. Tanya Donelly – Swan Song Series Vol 5
  6. Mogwai – Music Industry 3 Fitness 1
  7. Blood Indians – Blood Indians EP
  8. Deathcats/Fruit Tones – Thplit
  9. Behold, The Old Bear/Gone Wishing – Split E.P.
  10. Doug Johnstone – I Did It Deliberately

Since my singles/E.P. lists split rather neatly in two, I decided to split them by category for the first time since judging the two really involved different criteria.

Starting with the E.P.s it was no surprise that Book Group’s ‘Tantrums’ does the honours for E.Ps in 2014. Without doubt their best recorded work to date, three of the tunes were quite recent additions to the live set. In fact ‘Here Is Too Near’ was the first Bookies track which made it to record before I’d heard it live. All of this proves that they don’t have to rely on all those great early songs and augurs well for the long awaited debut LP.

In any other year, ‘Pikes Peak’ may have made the top slot but it has to settle for number two. It’s a great intro to Wozniak and, again, augurs well for their debut album.


  1. Kung Fu Jesus – Wolf/Wander
  2. Memory Man – Felix Baumgartner
  3. The Filthy Tongues – Crew Cut
  4. Blood Indians – Lioness
  5. Vladimir – Smoke Eyes / Born Slippy
  6. Wozniak –Five Star
  7. Idlewild – Collect Yourself
  8. Kid Canaveral – Who Would Want To Be Loved?
  9. Joanna Gruesome – Psykick Espionage
  10. James King & The Lonewolves – Fly Away

In terms of the singles, everything on the list bears repeated plays – surely an essential hallmark of a classic single.

The Kung Fu Jesus single was something of a bolt from the blue though – I stumbled across it looking for something else and was blown away. Well worth getting a hold of.

The Memory Man single too came from nowhere with hooks a plenty and some fabulous guitars.

Meanwhile the Filthy Tongues released a couple of tracks after seemingly years of inactivity and ‘Crew Cut’ in particular was outstanding.