“I can’t help feeling so old!”

I’ve just got time to squeeze in one more 2014 review – this time from Matthew Riley of Cancel The Astronauts.

Whilst the Astros public profile has (once again) been low in 2014 – they haven’t been idle behind the scenes as Matt indicates below.

In addition to the band’s work away from the public eye, Matt also released his second album of piano based ballads under the Jackson Hall banner, which is also worth checking out.

Your Own Music
Your own musical highlight of the year?
Probably the progress we’ve been making with new songs. We now have a guy recording and mixing the new songs (Dom from Miasma) which has taken the pressure off Chris (and to a much lesser extent the rest of us). It’s good to have that sorted because we were having endless discussions about how we were going to record the next album (studio? home recording? bit of both? etc?) so now we don’t have to have those boring conversations and we can concentrate on writing songs.

Favourite performance of the year?
Er, we’ve only done two! I didn’t really enjoy either of them that much. It still feels a bit incomplete without Michael on stage and I don’t feel entirely confident with us as a live act yet. We probably need to get another guitarist.

It’s good to know that we can play a four-piece without anyone’s head exploding or anything, but to me it’s still not quite right. It feels a bit like when we’re in our late Beatles phase, when they didn’t do any gigs and just made albums.

What’s the one thing that went wrong in 2014 you’d like to fix?
Not getting that extra guitarist.

What you gonna be doing next year?
Recording new songs and releasing another album, hopefully.

Others’ Music
3 LPs you’ve listened to the most in 2014?
Always by Always. A great new american indie-rock-alternative band. Their best song is called Archie, Marry Me. Lost In The Dream by The War On Drugs. Under The Pressure is an amazeballs song. I listen to it ALL THE TIME. Bryan Ferry’s new album Avonmore is great. I love Bryan Ferry. Classic stuff.

Best gig attended?
I don’t go to gigs anymore. I’m old.

Best discovery in 2014?
I don’t discover music anymore. I’m old.

Who should we be looking out for in 2015?
I don’t know anything about 2015. I’m old.

Anything and Everything
Event of 2014
It has to be the referendum doesn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever known more about Scottish politics, economics and history (not that I know that much now), and it was literally all anybody was talking about. It really felt like the nation was re-energised and I hope we can keep up that level of political engagement.

Hero of 2014

Lowpoint of 2014
Federer losing in a 5 set thriller in the Wimbledon final after having Djokovic on the ropes in the 5th set. That should have been his 18th slam. Sadface.

Villain of 2014
Cameron. Should have been him resigning.

Favourite book of 2014
I read Experience by Martin Amis. It’s not from 2014 but I read it in 2014. I think. Or maybe I read it last year. It’s really good anyway.

Favourite film of 2014
I wanted to see Interstellar. Was it any good?

Best piece of advice you were given in 2014
Don’t dry your hair in the bath.

Something to look forward to in 2015
Arsenal buying a defensive midfielder and some centrebacks?