A Good Cause – Hookers for Jesus charity show preview

Hookers for Jesus Daisypic

The Cool Cat Club and Daisy Dundee have put together a show this Saturday with the intention of getting rid of the January blues and raising some money for a couple of local charities. Hookers for Jesus will headline the night which is billed as ‘The Ghost of Christmas Past and Present’ and front man Andy Wood took us through some of the reasons for doing the show.

“Initially we were looking to do a show to say farewell to Anna who had played violin with us over the last year. As she finished her PhD and her Visa was about to expire later this month it became a race against time.

“Graeme and I had a bit of a discussion at a party, the legendary last gig in Anna’s flat which caused great upset with an anonymous neighbour posting a note on Anna’s door about ‘spastic alcoholic parties’. After Anna posted it on her facebook timeline it went viral.

“Anyway, we came up with the idea of doing our own show and making it a bit of an event. So we’ve invited Daisy Dundee to dress the stage and we’re going for a Gothic Miss Havisham’s Christmas Day kind of vibe.”

There is an altruistic reason behind the show as well isn’t there?

“Definitely. In the months leading up to Christmas there was a lot of people interested in raising money for and awareness of good causes and I often wonder, what happens after that?

“People tend to become a bit introspective and hibernate in January so we thought it would be a great idea to raise money for two local charities that do very important work all year round. There is no set price on the door, it’s donations only and the great thing is that every last penny collected on the night will go to our two charities, Dundee Foodbank and Young Carers Dundee.

“We’d also appreciate it if people could donate suitable foodstuffs as well on the night which will then be passed on to Dundee Foodbank. Dig deeply and Hookers for Jesus will love you forever.”

This isn’t the first charity show you’ve done is it?

“Well, it’s the first I’ve organised in this incarnation of The Cool Cat Club but as Hookers for Jesus we’ve done several in the past, at the behest of Daisy who has organised loads of gigs for Oxjam and for Mental Health charities.

“Daisy is pretty amazing, last year we only played four gigs and two of them were for events that she put together. It’s nice to do something for a good cause and also to be asked to do stuff like that and I think we always try and come up with something a bit different for these shows.”

How did the line-up come together?

‘We have always felt pretty much like outsiders on the Dundee scene though in a good way and we decided early on to ask people we had played with before and who we liked if they would be willing to play. Everyone we asked said yes pretty much straight away which is brilliant.

“I think the line-up is pretty diverse but that the bands complement one another quite well. I think it’s a strong line-up and I hope people will enjoy the entire event as a whole.’

Some of the acts playing may be fairly new to readers of Manic Pop Thrills. Can you talk us through them a bit?


“Well we have Vex who are completely off the wall and each performance is pretty unique. They may just be one person, Mike Kane, they might be more. I haven’t a clue what we will get on the night and that’s pretty exciting.

“Mike is quite a legendary figure on the music scene over the years through Vex and being in bands such as Aaga, Flux, The Wilderness Children and Gerils.

“In the past Vex caused a terrorist panic in the Wellgate Library by the simple fact of leaving packages with cassettes, pencils and artwork around town for people to pick up as a gift resulting in a visit from Dundee’s finest. Most bands would have been dining out on something like this for years but it’s just another day in the life of Vex.

“BOX is essentially one man and his boxes of electronics. Neil McIntee is an artist and musician, a man of many talents who has exhibited widely around the city and also designed a logo for Vladimir which apparently entitles him to free admission to every night of The Cool Cat Club ever.

“So I figured I’d make him play for a change and was pretty pleased he agreed. BOX played on the same bill as our first Hookers for Jesus show and also played with us in a church so we have previous.

Blood Indians

“Rowan Wright is a member of Blood Indians who are on hiatus at the moment but are pretty much one of my favourite bands around. I’ve put them on at The Cool Cat Club on several occasions, the first time when they weren’t old enough to be served (but I inadvertently gave them a rider). Rowan has a lovely voice and is a great songwriter and I think this may be her first ever gig flying solo.

Pauline M. Hynd

“Pauline M. Hynd is probably best known for her performances as part of The Onion Club who are totally amazing. They have a really theatrical approach to live performances but in a fantastic way, very enthralling and they play a mixture of their own songs and re-interpret the work of a wide range of songwriters.

“I first saw them again at the church gig and fell in love with Pauline and Stephen and have been stalking them in a fairly sweet way ever since.

“Graeme and I played a couple of songs with them last February and it was really brilliant to be asked to participate. I think we were more nervous than we’d ever been before.


“Altres are another slightly mysterious bunch. They are mostly a trio playing instrumental, largely electronic music but at times the line-up expands and even includes a vocalist on occasion.

“The first time I saw the reformed line-up performing a good few years ago I didn’t get it and wrote a slightly snidey review. But I’ve been regretting it ever since as each time I’ve seen since then I’ve really, really enjoyed what they are doing. The sound is pretty immersive, it flirts with ambient but has brilliant, subtle moments that jar you out of any complacency.

“Anyway, I’d go out to see that line-up and I can’t wait to see everyone play. I guess that’s pretty much my approach to gig promoting anyway.

“Plus Duncan ‘Destruction’ McCurdie is coming to Dundee from Barcelona especially to D.J. on the night. Duncan is pretty much an integral part of The Cool Cat Club’s first 18 months, both playing as part of The Creeping Ivies and as a D.J. so it’s really nice to have him back for the night.”

You’ve talked about everybody else – but can we expect any surprises from Hookers for Jesus?

“Well they wouldn’t be surprises if I told you would they? We have written two brand new songs for the night and I think we will be flirting with our more ‘pretty’ side on the night though I’m sure we will still manage to be a little bit abrasive as well.”

Anything else to add?

“Just come down early, give generously but only what you can afford, enjoy the music.

“And don’t throw canned food at any of us please!”

Hookers for Jesus, Vex, BOX, Altres, Rowan Wright and Pauline M. Hind with guest DJ Duncan Destruction, play the Hookers for Jesus Winter Revue show at Beat Generator Live in Dundee on Saturday 10th January in aid of Dundee Foodbank and Young Carers, Dundee.

More info on the show here.