Videos to Buffer – Nightmare Air


It’s a small world.

I stumbled across Nightmare Air on emusic a few months back looking to spend a few credits purely because they’d played with MPT favourites the Big Sleep in NYC a few days ago.

Liking what I heard I took a punt on the debut album ‘High In The Lasers’ and have really enjoyed it such that faced with a similar bundle of end of month credits a few days ago, I caught up on the band’s debut E.P., without knowing any more of the band.

Finally getting round to doing a little background on the band I first discovered that,although LA based, Nightmare Air have actually played Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh a couple of years back.

Then I discovered that there’s a reason that Nightmare Air reminded me of Film School (who I saw supporting British Sea Power in Dundee a few years back) – Dave Dupuis from the badn was in Film School.

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Nightmare Air pick up where Film School left off. Mixing vocals between girl and buy, there’s a big shoegaze influence on their music. But they’re pretty direct and have still got plenty of clout.

Here’s a couple of tasters from the album, which MPT would definitely recommend: