Videos to Buffer – The Big Sleep

It seems an appropriate day to post ‘Valentine’ by NYC’s The Big Sleep. ‘Valentine’ is taken from their third LP ‘Nature Experiments’, which was MPT’s favourite album of 2012.

I’m posting this in the hope that news of the band’s fourth album might not be too far away even if it’s not appeared quite as quickly as TBS’s singer/guitarist Danny suggested to MPT in May 2012.

Another reason for flagging up the Big Sleep is that ‘Chorus of Guitars’ from second LP ‘Sleep Forever’ popped up at random on the iPod recently. As ever, hearing things out of context is more than a little confusing for someone of my advanced years but it wasn’t until Sonja started singing nearly a minute in that I was finally able to tag it as TBS. (I actually quite like the fact that this sort of thing happens!)

As it’s a bit of contrast to ‘Valentine’, and gives you an idea of this fabulous band’s range, here’s ‘Chorus of Guitars’ as a bonus: