Manic Pop Podcast – March 2015

So, no good reason that this has appeared now and, as ever, it's pretty scrappy, but, hey, at least the music's great!

Tracks this time are:

The Cathode Ray – Resist (Stereogram Recordings)

Tuff Love – That’s Right (Lost Map)

Githead –Bringing The Sea To The City (Swim Records)

Le Thug – Paints (Song, By Toad Records)

The Paranoid Style – New Age Tricks (Battle Worldwide Recordings)

Last Harbour – Before The Ritual (Little Red Rabbit)

The Sound – Golden Soldiers (Edsel)

The Mirror Trap – Silent Men (A Happy Death Recordings)

The Phantom Band – Denise Hopper (Chemikal Underground)

Public Service Broadcasting – Go! (Test Card Recordings)

As ever the MPT Podcast theme tune is ‘Community’ by De Rosa.