2014 was quite a year for PAWS. After their debut Cool Cat Club performance in January, the band released their second album Youth Culture Forever on Fat Cat Records to great acclaim. Subsequently they dedicated themselves to thoroughly touring the arse off the record.

With demos recorded for album number three already, the band make a welcome return to the Cool Cat Club on Friday (17th April) with a show at Beat Generator Live.

Ahead of the show Andy caught up with Phillip from the band to look back on an eventful 12 months.

Andy: Hello how are things with you?

Phillip: “Hi! Things are very well, thank you!”

How did it feel to release your second album Youth Culture Forever last year and how do you feel it was received?

“Exciting. It was really exciting as we worked so hard making the album. Deciding to produce the record ourselves was a little scary at times because we felt a deal of expectation and pressure leading up to it coming out. But I’m so glad we just stuck true to the vision we had for the record and had faith in ourselves.

“It felt like it was received really well, even better than the first which was such a lovely feeling. We are really proud of it.”

You toured the album pretty extensively. What were the highlights of gigs in the wake of the album being released?

“Indeed. We toured for more than half of last year promoting YCF. All of it was such a highlight for me. Our US tour with our close friends We Are Scientists was such a fantastic experience.

“It was our fourth tour of the US so we all felt like a lot of cities were like another home as we’ve come to know so many places there.

“That tour was full of memorable moments. Hanging out with Ian Mackaye at Dischord House was a very, very special moment for the three of us.”

How do you find that audiences differ in different countries – if at all?

“I feel lucky because the overall majority of people that are at the shows we play are so sweet and kind. It always baffles me how lucky we are to have the fans that we have.

“Audiences vary place to place, naturally you know? But amidst all the subtle differences it always stands out to us that the people that come to see us and stick around to talk to us after are among the nicest people I’ve ever met. So grateful.”

Are you still as excited about playing live as before? Does it ever feel like a chore?

“Gets more exciting every time for me. That’s why we all play music, especially in this band. We all love playing our music live more than anything. Never a chore, always a thrill.”

Here’s the official video for ‘Tongues’ from that second album:

PAWS play the Cool Cat Club at Beat Generator Live on Friday (17th) with support from the Creeping Ivies. More information here.

Advance tickets are available from Groucho’s or online here.