tcr_180415_542s A belated round-up of MPT’s Saturday in Edinburgh for Record Store Day 2015.

Our decision to head over was a fairly late one so we left in a bit of a hurry to get through in time for an afternoon’s record shopping and live music.

Mrs MPT didn’t fancy the hike down (and ultimately back up) Leith Walk, so I left her to her own devices and headed down to Elvis Shakespeare for the Cathode Ray’s set. And it’s fair to say that Elvis Shakespeare is further down Leith Walk than I’d expected!

Once there, the band were terrific,playing eight songs mixing material from the excellent new LP ‘Infinite Variety’ with early singles.

There’s something sonically appealing to me about these sort of electric sets. It was certainly a bit lo-fi but you can really pick up a great vibe from being so close to the action. By the end of the show there were more folk outside the shop than actually in it!

With limited time, I confess I didn’t really have that much chance to explore all ES’s delights but did establish that, whilst the majority of the stock is second hand, there is a local acts section near the rear with new CDs and vinyl.

Having idiotically failed to pick up cash on the way down I was only able to scrape together enough coppers for a Geek Maggot Bingo E.P. I suspect I’ll spend more next time.

So back up the hill to the city centre and after hooking up with Mrs MPT again we headed to a busy Underground Solu’shn where, cash I acquired, I got a hold of the two main reasons for going through, the Tuff Love/Lazy Day split single as well as the Randolph’s Leap live LP.


The intended live act was Tuff Love and it was just as well we were in plenty of time because they were started (and finished) before the anticipated start time! Their three songs set was all too brief but it was nevertheless a bit of a revelation to discover how well their songs transfer to an acoustic setting.

The records do revolve around Julie’s electric guitar normally but they sounded even dreamier and (appropriately enough on a sunny day) more summery than on record in this format.

With a bit of a gap til Adam from Randolph Leap’s set at the same shop, we had time to drop in on Avalanche’s new set-up at the Tron. After getting the Pixies’ ‘Doolittle live’ set it was back down Cockburn Street for a bit of a rake through the relevant sections of the racks at US where I didn’t manage to spend any more cash (although it’s probably more accurate to say that I resisted the temptation to do so.)

The appointed hour (or so we thought) came and went so it appeared we’d totally missed Mr Ross. Then 10 minutes late he arrived, with Pictish Trail in tow, somewhat breathless from a cross city yomp from Voxbox. Turned out in fact that he wasn’t due on until 6 pm which meant that after a quick chat we had to abandon the shop to go and catch our train back over the bridge.

So a disappointing end to the day but nevertheless a good afternoon out.

Here’s the Cathode Ray performing ‘Don’t Waste Your Words’ from the new LP live at Elvis Shakespeare on Saturday: